Restaurant in Vilpian

Fresh, locally sourced and homemade

The Sparerhof restaurant in Vilpian serves typical local South Tyrolean cuisine with a mediterranean influence. The ingredients are mainly regional and seasonal, and the resulting dishes are prepared with passion and dedication. Sometimes modern, sometimes more deeply rooted in tradition, but always well balanced, delicious and from South Tyrol. Just as the dishes are very South Tyrolean in nature, so is the service: always cordial and welcoming, with a pinch of humor.

With the half board treatment, the menu of the day is included in the price. Guests without half board can also always decide to dine in the restaurant. The restaurant is closed on Sunday evenings but open for lunch at noon. Other restaurants in Vilpian remain open as well.
Join us
Open Monday to Saturday from 7 pm, Sundays only for lunch.
Reservations are encouraged.
Member of the Terlan asparagus hosts
Every year in spring, the Sparerhof combines the culinary with the cultural. Delicious asparagus and art, which pleases both palate and eye in equal measure.