Asparagus season in Terlan

Margarete asparagus at the Sparerhof

From mid-March to mid-May 2023 the Terlan Margarete asparagus dominates the culinary landscape. During this period, chefs in Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich create innovative and refined dishes around the Margarete asparagus.

Since time immemorial, the Sparerhof has been part of the Terlan asparagus hosts and commits to the culinary tradition that comes with it. Every year the Sparerhof showcases what this season is all about, with a menu that reflects the region’s unique creations and it’s ingredients, namely fresh asparagus, free-range eggs, wine and apples.

Our menu

Steamed, boiled, baked and grilled
Well prepared asparagus always tastes good. Experience culinary tradition and innovation coming together in a unique way.