the artist of Perfection

Giorgioppi - 1/1/2013

An asparagus. A wine. An apple. And also half an apple. A vase. In this, an egg.

The background mostly black, the rest brown. The water in the pot makes you thirsty, so tangible are Giorgioppi's paintings, who is from Bolzano.

In his paintings, the artist (born in 1951 in Rovereto), leaves nothing to chance.

Every brushstroke is placed on the canvas with a reasoning behind it. But no brushstroke is visible. The works of Giorgioppi enchant spectators with perfection.

A white vase with white roses, and yet another white subject, the background, embracing the flowery protagonists. A "still life" tone on tone.

Who wants to take a closer look to the last works of Giorgioppi will have the opportunity to do so at the beginning of April. On display at the Gallery Willy from 04/04/2013 to 31/05/2013 the "Still Life" Exhibition, which is unqiue in its style by the refined representation of the subjects and the masterful use of color.