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Hartwig Thaler - 1/1/2014

To say that Hartwig Thaler is one of the foremost artists in the South Tyrol would certainly be true, but it would also be an understatement in two separate ways: first, because Hartwig would be considered a great artist anywhere; and second, because there is much more to him than his art.

Hartwig’s considerable innate talents have been polished by an excellent education in both the craft and the history of art, and he brings to his painting and sculpture not only a sensitive awareness of the traditions of the form, but also eclectic new elements from the world of ideas.

Hartwig takes influences from politics, anthropology, philosophy, and popular culture, and weaves them into his work in a subtle and pleasing manner, resulting in sophisticated art objects layered with rich meanings.

S. Abbas Raza
Founding Editor, 3QuarksDaily.com, New York

April – May 2014
Vernissage Thu 2014-04-03, 8 p.m.