Albino Rossi - 1/1/2015

Albino Rossi has arrived. On his artistic path. The 62-year-old lives and works in the "Val di Sole" and since the 1990s he has been a freelance artist. Albino Rossi has arrived; the right time for his anthology.

The artist has internalized his motives. He paints today what his inner eye can see and feel. He has taken his motives away from perspective and abolished most dimensions. He paints as he sees it, he paints the essence.

Initially, Rossi was enthusiastic about the still-life, he painted fruit. Even then he took the whole thing a dimension, since he always represented his subject at eye level. He made a snapshot, firmly expressed the freshness in his works.

The mountains inspired the artist from the beginning. In the early 2000s he painted mountains. Every light, every shade was reproduced in hisoil paintings. Again, he took away the dimension of depth.

"After all," says the artist, "I have internalized the mountain and the forest. I paint them as they are, as they are in me." At this time, the artist started painting the mountain and the forest dimensionless and lifted. His works are reminiscent of the "reduction" of the nature of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. It created unique works, large format. Finally found what he wanted, Rossi is now working with different techniques. He has also discovered the mosaic.

A collection of the most significant works from these different periods, the exhibition "Anthology" can be seen at Galerie Willy at the Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian during the Terlaner asparagus season.

To make sense of internalization an experience in large format, the artist creates a work for the asparagus season opening on March 31, 2015 at the main square in Terlan. It will be interesting to see how Albino Rossi makes the royal vegetable an actor.

Opening times: The exhibition "Anthology" at Galerie Willy at Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian is freely accessible every day from April 1 to May 31, 2015.