Lars Klauser - 1/1/2016

Not the hand is primarily working when drawing and painting, but the eye. It’s the sight, the observation of structures, surfaces, shapes and lines. Also the at first glance inconspicuous, seen through the eye of the artist, appeals: little things on the roadside as well as large landscapes. A picture is at all times a visual stimulus and perception is always about the external, but in the ideal case it touches our inside too. That's what Lars Klauser is trying to represent with his art and to give the beholder an understanding of.

The landscape is the predominant subject of this exhibition. Landscape in the sense of romance, as a mirror of the soul, but also the photo realistic landscape of the present. Motive selection and sometimes the metaphoric element are the romantic aspect to the images. Contemporary, however, the display window, which partially seems incidental, sometimes approaching closely and looking for the detail.

Seeing, seeing like the artist does, how he transfers this vision to the canvas and how the human being looks when he stands in front of the creation of the artist.

Lars Klauser has discovered his passion for art in his younger days. The 45-year-old attended the art college in Ortisei in order to afterwards educate himself on the academies in Florence and Milan.

The art teacher exhibited among others at Castle Prösels, in the Piccola Galleria Bolzano and in collective exhibitions in the fortress of Fortezza.

A selection of Lars Klauser’s work is going to be shown at the exhibition "Seeing" at Willy’s Art Gallery at Hotel Sparerhof, on occasion of Terlano’s asparagus period.