Anna Maria Mayr and the "harmony of color"

Anna Maria Mayr - 1/1/2017

"The colors are particularly good on glass, they really shine," says Anna Maria Mayr. The artist from Bruneck has been painting for eight years. At first acrylic, she soon discovered her taste for back-glass painting. This creates abstract works of art without title. Anna Maria Mayr: "The viewer should feel himself in the picture and feel what he sees personally.“

Starting from the great tradition of popular back-glass painting and the further development of the modern and contemporary art scene, Mayr offers the possibility of carrying out emotions and thoughts by means of colors and forms in abstraction on glass. "To feel a content, to abstract, to achieve the intensity", so the artist.
The sophisticated technique of back-glass painting has been known since the second century BC. An "inverted painting process" is used in the back-glass painting. Since the glass pane is at the same time an image carrier and a final protective layer, the image has to be built up from the rear. Hatches, highlights and decorations, which are usually painted last, must be placed first in the rear glass picture. Corrective painting is not possible.

On the occasion of the Terlaner Asparagus season, Anna Maria Mayr will be exhibiting at Willys Art Gallery in Vilpian. The "Harmony of Color" exhibition is open daily from April 7th to May 31st