The asparagus and the orchid

Giorgioppi - 1/1/2018

The orchid is known as the queen of flowers: perfect symmetry, incomparable beauty. The Bolzano artist, Giorgioppi translates this perfection to with incredible finesse to the canvas. A white orchid on a black background: the composition is fits perfectly, perfect like the nature that created the orchid. Calmness can be felt when looking at Giorgioppis artworks, nothing is left to chance, the orchids carry the artists handwriting.

Symmetry in the heart of art

In all of mankind’s great works absolute symmetry can be spotted: no gaps, no composition is left to chance. Behind the artist a mathematical system can be found that tells us more about the artist than one would think. Giorgioppi calls himself a Nordic character, upright and precise. He is convinced that an education and an even bigger culture make even greater artists. His works are according to him “modern Biedermaier”. A stiff style, close to nature with Pop Art influences. Every work radiates harmony, thanks to the balance inside the artwork.

Exhibition in Willys Gallery in Vilpiano

Giorgioppis white orchids are on display starting March 29th, 2018 in Willys Gallery in the Hotel and Restaurant Sparerhof in Vilpiano. The exhibition is free to enter an open to the public until the end of May. The perfection, where not a single stroke of the brush is left to chance and yet not even one is visible, surprises the beholder. Nothing disturbs the calmness and the strength of the orchids and the realistic presentation convinces and awes the visitor.