Traditional exhibition as part of the the Terlano asparagus season at Willy’s Gallery at the Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpiano.

Markus Moling - 1/1/2019

Natural landscapes in an abstract form change the view on human habitats. Markus Moling reproduces his sense of form for landscape in a reduced extent onto his wood-fibre and paper paintings with various technics. Born in 1973 in the Gadervalley, he works and lives with his family in the Ahrntal valley.

All his pictures form a thematic unit. Markus Moling has been working on the recurring theme of landscape- his life and his experiences, for years. The artist wants to point out the impact of landscape, experiences, the recurrence of memories, feelings and memories one carries along.

The paintings of Markus Moling reveal his personal perception of nature. The main motive is always the landscape. The artist is not concerned with a natural reproduction, but with an implied reality- The painted landscape is sometimes overlaid with abstract, geometric forms. These forms often emerge from feelings. This creates a tension between abstraction and figuration, leaving the viewer space for interpretation. The viewer of his works is awakened by his own feelings and memories, they send us on a journey into our immediate surroundings and nature, and change the perspective on what we have already seen and experienced.

Thanks to a special mixing technique, which involves successively applying layers of paint and materials, including oil paints, acrylics, wax, ink, pencil and synthetic resin, Moling succeeds in giving his paintings a transfiguring transparency, creating an atmosphere of silence and tranquility.

The artist’s works can be seen from 4th April to 12th Mai in Willy’s Gallery at the restaurant and hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian. The exhibition is opened all day and freely accessible.