An unusual line up requires a lot of courage, creativity and love of experimentation.

Katrin Rumberg and Lisa Wulff have plenty of it and so after their first musical encounter, the duo „Kalis“ came into being.

At this years "Spargelfest" they are joined by Raphael Becker-Foss on drums. The magic of making music in a small line up is something very special.

Delicate, unusual arrangements and virtuoso solos are one part of the program, such as beautiful catchy melodies and modern, original compositions.

On the one hand it is the warm double bass sound and the polyphonic voices, on the other hand there are percussive elements, guitarlines and groovy basslines of the electric bass; sometimes it is even the surprising playing with voice and loopstation that assures an exciting concert.

Katrin Rumberg - Vocals, Guitar
Lisa Wulff - Bass, Vocals
Raphael Becker-Foss, Drums